“Kaye is a consummate professional with great attention to detail. I have worked with her on many occasions, ranging from business to wedding attire. Kaye is great fun and produces excellent results.”
Janet Pope Chief of Staff - Lloyds Bank
John Barnes

“Spending time with Kaye was a real education. She is a genuine expert in what she does and you can pretty much guarantee that she will open your eyes to things you did not realise about your own dress sense. Buying high-quality business suits that are designed and fit well can be a challenge. All that stuff you own and don’t wear? Talk to Kaye – she seriously knows what she is doing.”

John Barnes Training Professional - Coca Cola Enterprises
“Kaye is a marvel! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough … she makes everyone feel at ease in her company and challenges them – in an encouraging way – to look and feel better.”
Alex Gordon Shute Director - Ithaca Partners, Headhunting Firm
“I used to make mistakes and made purchases that sat in my cupboard that I had worn maybe once or twice. Now I love everything I buy! Working with Kaye has actually saved me money.”
Eliza Bram Psychologist - Richmond Psychology
Amy Leonard

“Kaye has not only changed my wardrobe beyond recognition, but also the wardrobes of my mum, my sister, and countless friends and colleagues! My look (both professional and personal) has transformed. Having accompanied a number of friends for their own colour and style sessions, there is nothing quite like seeing a familiar face quite literally transform in front of you, simply from trying the right colours instead of the wrong ones. I can’t recommend Kaye enough!”

Amy Leonard Chief Executive - The Transformation Trust
“As a CEO in the financial industry I frequently present to companies and had ideas about dressing well – I just lacked the knowledge to make the transition from what I now consider to be passable to really great! I have enjoyed putting the knowledge that I have gained into practice by going on several shopping expeditions with Kaye. They have proven to be a blueprint for shopping excursions without her. Working with Kaye was money well spent – it has saved me not only time, through previous indecision but many purchase mistakes. It’s great to finally have a wardrobe where everything that’s in it just works so well! ”
Mr. Hilary Hunt CEO, CNS Treasury Software
Before I was concerned about the way I look, scared to go shopping and didn't know where to start. Now I am excited about getting dressed, I have the tools to looking gorgeous everyday, you cant stop me the excitement is building!
Caroline Cumberbatch Bury & Kirkland - Interior Design
The real impact of the sessions for me is that shopping has become a lot more enjoyable because I discount so many items and just concentrate on colours and cuts I know should suit me. This saves me time and angst 
Huma Jehan Journalist - The Guardian
Aygun Ozkan

“Working with a personal image stylist is not something I considered until I became a relationship coach – I wanted to understand what Kaye does so that I have a resource I can refer my clients to. I was blown away with the amount of fascinating information on colour & style Kaye presented, in a fun, entertaining story telling way.  She loves what she does and she does it passionately.  I now know what colours complement my complexion.  I didn’t enjoy wearing suits I felt like a clown in them. Guess what! I wasn’t wearing the style that represented my personality.  I wasn’t buying good quality clothing, I didn’t know what to look for or how to look after them. Kaye educated me in smart, practical ways about how to select the right clothes and accessories and how to look after them. Kaye is amazing at what she does and she’s worth the investment."

Aygun Ozkan Relationship Coach - Relate Wisely
“Not only did Kaye help me choose clothes that are the right colour, style and fabric to suit me, she also helped me choose clothes I love to wear.  Working with Kaye as a stylist will forever save me time when shopping as now I’m more confident in being able to quickly pick which clothes I should (and shouldn’t!) try on!
Melinda Samson Founder - Click Award Winning Content
“My favourite part of the Colour & Style Workshop was discussing my personality profiling / clothing style – mostly because Kaye was so accurate and ‘bang on’ in terms of identifying what styles do and don’t suit me. Knowing her background put me at ease and encouraged me to trust her, even though we had never met before our session. Being told I “glow like an angel” by my husband weeks after the appointment was icing on the cake!
Emma Vijayaratnam Mother of Three, Tokyo
Louise Buckley

“An experience not to be missed! I first worked with Kaye many years ago and received invaluable advice which has stayed with me ever since. A fantastic eye and sound insight which she adapts to the individual, I have taken many friends to see Kaye and every single one has benefited very positively from the experience. I can’t recommend her enough and continue to pick her brains every now and then, which is still hugely beneficial despite the fact that she is now half way round the world!

Louise Buckley Head of Communications and Operations at Payment Systems Regulator
“The best part of the consultation (getting my colours done) was finding out THROUGH ACTUALLY SEEING which colours really work next to my skin and which ones don’t! Kaye knows her “stuff”, she is easy to work with, helps you feel confident about your appearance, and is respectful and sensitive. She is skillful, experienced and fun! I am far more confident when on a shopping spree now -I don’t make the mistakes I used to, and have learned HOW to shop for me.”
Nicola Hoffman Apartment Broker - City Sales
“Just put an outfit together this morning and got one of my frequent “wow” buzzes now all my wardrobe goes together; which is what I always wanted!  The colour and then style consultation were some of the best money I ever spent.
Joanna Peart Head of Business Planning & Analysis - Citi
Margaret Jones

“I just love my colours and my new Huntswoman image! It’s as if I’ve come home… After years of frustration that nothing in my wardrobe matched and resorting to lots of black and white because it’s always available in stores, I finally see the light! Culling my wardrobe was liberating, I re-found items I’ve always loved but hardly worn. I’m thoroughly enjoying using Kaye’s style distinctions to clearly identify why a piece does or doesn’t work for me. I love working with Kaye – she’s straight, respectful and very inspiring. Her wealth of knowledge and experience makes for a full and comprehensive day. I can’t recommend Kaye highly enough – her services are a fabulous investment in discovering your personal brand, looking your best and feeling just great!”

Margaret Jones Tour Leader & Events Manager
I'm wanting to level up in my business, so I spent a day with Kaye and couldn't believe the amazing insight she provided into which colours my clothes, hair, makeup and jewellery best compliment my complexion. I know this is going to help me achieve my goals, and I am sincerely grateful to Kaye.
Bonnie Power Online Marketing Copywriter & Content Marketing Strategist - Melbourne Resumes