Look and feel good every day

When you shop with me I will teach you how to shop.  Often we go to the rack, pick one thing and try it on; when it doesn’t work we decide there is something wrong with us and leave upset with no new clothes!

Shopping with me will be fun; you will play, you will try on lots of things and learn to distinguish what really works for you.

You’ll learn to select clothing that honours your personal style, physical structure and colouring – saving you time and money.

Gradually, your wardrobe will be full of clothes you love, quality pieces that reflect who you are and take you anywhere.

My intention is to expose you to new stores and labels, broadening and inspiring possible places to shop and play.

Half day – $520
Full day (entire wardrobe) – $1000

Discover and create your distinct look.
Book your Personal Shopping Trip today.
Call 0467 523623 or email

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