The art of a handshake

In business the handshake is 

In business the handshake is often the only physical contact we have with another human being, 

it sends a variety of messages and must be appropriate in strength and duration. 

The perfect handshake can exude confidence and personality and a below par performance 

can leave your authority and personality in doubt. 

As a woman in business you will need to lead the handshake as some men will wait for this cue.

How to shake hands: 

Palm should be perpendicular to the ground 

Hold your arm so that it is parallel to the ground ensuring that your thumb points upward 

When the recipient of your gesture offers their hand engage with all your fingers closed around the other persons hand 

Give their hand a gentle squeeze simultaneously administering one/three downward shakes that travels about 2cm 

Shake from the elbow not the wrist 

When you let go of their hand refrain from wiping your hand immediately after

Here's to a good handshake and a brilliant first impression.  Kx

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