Supremely hip street wear for men

SUPREME has been on the horizon for 

sometime but it was not until my recent visit to New York that I understood this new iconic brand. 

With only five stores world wide my 13 year old son who is interesed in rap music insisted that we make a trip to the 274 Lafayette Street store. When we arrived there was a security guard standing outside and a queue of about 50 people in front of us, so un-like all the young hipsters waiting in line looking cool we started conversations with those around us. 

One chap was wearing a remarkable jacket with embroidery all over it which we discovered was #blackpyramid a  contemporary streetwear label created by #ChrisBrown. On the other side of us was a young man who had a gift voucher which his parents had given him the Christmas before which could not be used on line, so he had travelled in from Boston to use it. 

After about 30 minutes we entered the store, a basic square shape with utilitarian shelves and rails along each side, there were not much stock. I did see an #Aquascutum coat and trouser, another collaboration of traditional British tailoring with funky branding. Personally I was disappointed after all the hype that my son had created but Max was thrilled to be there and purchased a "sick" (meaning brilliant) baseball cap and was given several stickers to take home.

Later when walking around NY with Max in his Supreme baseball hat I heard him receive at least 4 compliments from various hip looking young men - clearly we got the right thing!

I am struck by how scarcity creates demand and I have since learnt more about Supreme, like that you can't buy online and ship to another country, items are so limited that the re-sell value is sometimes 5 times the original value and that there are only 5 stores: New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris & Japan. 

Supreme have done collaborations with other labels such North Face, Timberland, Vans, Levi's, Dr Martens, Nike, Antihero and now Louis Vuitton this of course is a brilliant way of reaching and creating a new target market.  So if your a hip man who enjoys street wear then this is a label to look out for.

Clothes are meant to be fun and this is were Supreme fits in. 

Enjoy Kx

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