Look and feel good everyday

You will discover the colours that make you look attractive, distinct and charismatic.
Knowing your colours ensures you are clear and confident about what works for you.
When you understand your colours you make powerful decisions when purchasing clothing, makeup
and accessories - no more poor choices!

How it works:
Your skin belongs to one of four palettes and, based on the result, I will advise you on:

  • hair colour - we will discuss if you need warm or cool tones and how to achieve this
  • make-up -  this includes colour matching foundation, blusher and selecting 3-4 lip colours
  • jewellery - warm or cool tones
  • accessories - your best neutral for shoes, belt and bags 

You will receive a leather-bound swatch wallet
with your full colour palette and detailed guidance
on how to use it.

The colour theory that I work with is based on the the principles of colour established at the Bauhaus in Germany in the 1920s. During the colour analysis session, I systematically compare and contrast a range of colours by placing coloured drapes around your neck. 

You will see very quickly the difference that various colours make to your complexion.

Colour Analysis Workshop, 3.5 hours – $450
When combined with the Personal Styling Workshop,
Full day – $1200

Discover and create your distinct look.
Book your Colour Analysis Workshop today.
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  • Emma Burrell Autumn Leaf
  • Elspeth Hunter Sweet Pea Summer
  • Susanne Gotstein Golden Spring
  • David Sequeria Square
  • Rhafaea Blue Spring March 2017 Copy
  • David McBain Autumn Leaf
  • Rebecca Hughes Square
  • Louise Byrne Spring
  • Clients Danica Lani  Square
  • Client Elliot Close Up
  • Client Sona Square
  • Sarah Norton Golden Spring
  • Natasha Dines Blue Autumn