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I help people discover what makes them really attractive, distinct and charismatic.


Understanding the language of clothing and the impact of small detail, creates a new way in which to view your appearance and your wardrobe.


Distinguishing which colours make you look radiant, what shapes flatter your physical structure and what style of clothing is a match for who you are is where we begin.


With 22 years styling experience mostly in London, Boston, Paris, Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne, a Diploma in Fashion Design at RMIT and a background as a designer, pattern cutter and product co-ordinator I can show you what really works with regard to your appearance. 


Expertise I offer:

Capturing and celebrating who you are in your appearance

Colour Analysis - knowing your best colours

Styling Workshop - dressing your structure & personality

Wardrobe - a detox & fitting session

Escorted Shopping Trips - buying whats right so your ready to go


I work with individuals and corporate clients.

Clients include:

Langham Hotel Melbourne       Glen Eira City Council

Melbourne Resumes                 Marks & Spencers

Ithaca Partners                          Tuatara 


Click here to read about Kaye in The Guardian, and follow this link to hear from some of Kaye’s previous clients.